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can I be lightskin and exist? Or nah?
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I only work one job but this is what really gets to me! Being in school and working at the same time is not easy at all. I work hard for what I want and when I want something I can say I truly go after it. when I see strippers bragging on all the expensive shit that they opened their legs for, I can’t help but think that they have no reverence for themselves whatsoever. I’m so glad I have morals and standards that I have set for myself. I also have a great family & support team behind me every step of the way 🙏 so when I see stuff like this it really gets on my nerves! We all have the same passion & grind, you just choose to do yours differently & take the easy way out… I’d rather put in REAL work for it. 💵💰

this better be a fucking joke

Lol hater

this is pure trash
why are you so pressed about your life? if you want to a bmw and a brand maybe you should start stripping instead of complaining about what your broke ass doesn’t have. #getyalife
and if you don’t wanna strip with your hating ass, shut the entire fuck up because no one asked you to speak on anyone else

broke bitches stay broke, ugly and mad.

strip for a week and see how fucking “easy” it is.  STOP HATIN’ CUZ ANOTHER BITCH GETTIN MONEY. CONGRATULATE HA. BUY THAT BITCH A PURSE. 

A grind is a grind is a grind. Stop talking shit about the next girl and mind your own business
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From Hong Kong to Ferguson: Justice now! Freedom now! Democracy now! Human rights now! Peace now! Equality now!
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"Trans women are getting killed EVERYDAY & you think the struggle is over because you can put a ring on a finger?!"-CeCe McDonald
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I’m not like other girls!XD


I only have guy friends. I mean all girls do is start drama.image

Oh my god, i hate sluts! image

Other girls my age like to drink and party but i like to stay inside and read or watch netflix! I’m so weird. image

All the girls in my school care about is makeup and shopping and all i care about is FOOD and VIDEO GAMES. lol sometimes i think i was born a guy.image


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